9 truths I articulated when I turned 25

9 truths I articulated when I turned 25

I wrote this on my 25th birthday last year and wanted to share with you again here.

love you



Turning quarter century yesterday I wanted to share some truths (true for me) of what I've learned so far 🐥

1. Sometimes you just don't know what you want to be when you grow up. Today I turn 25 and I actually am still not able to tell you what I want to be when I grow up - it changes on the daily. 
What I do know - that I want to live. I want to wake up each morning with a FUCK YES in my heart. I want to dance and I want to play - in each and every day - and so I do. I create time for all of those things in every day because they make me happy - and from there my life flows.

2. You won't get on with everyone - and why the fuck should you. Some people come into your life to test our boundaries and make sure you're still staying true and authentic to you - even if they are friends with all your friends - Trust your gut. And don't get angry at yourself for doing so

3. On that note - love. You don't have to like everyone and you don't have to please everyone - but everything you do should come from a place of love - starting with love for yourself. If you know that each decision you make and each thing you do is done from that place inside you of pure and brilliant truth - you can't go wrong. Ever. 
And you will know the difference.

4. Don't wait for people to die to realise you wish you told them you loved them more, that you wish you told them how much they meant to you, how the way they smile makes you happy - tell them now. Tell the stranger on the street that you love the jacket they have on, or that you think the drawing they just did was super talented. Again - you can't lose sharing from love.

5. Life can be fucking awful. 
Cry when you're sad and spin out when you're angry. Feel what your feeling. Let go of the shame 'that you shouldn't' or that that to feel that way would be 'wrong'. Your feelings are valid for you.


6. Be open to exploring why you feel those things. Are you overreacting - taking something on board that you are not supposed to be taking on.

Which leads me to

7. Take responsibility for your life.
You are where you are today because of you. The choices you've made, the things you've done, the things you've said - and if your not happy with that - YOU are the only one who can change it.

8. Be grateful for where you are today - even if it's not quite where you want to be. You have the beauty of choice and by learning about what you don't want you can better clearly direct yourself to that which you do ✨

9. Try not to take it all so seriously. 
It's easy to get caught up in needing to have certain things at a certain time, to be so many things to so many people - don't forget to have fun, don't forget to play. Ask yourself - how can I bring play into this situation? Remember the fact you are 1 human on a planet of 7. Billion and that same planet is spinning around in a galaxy that we know hardly anything about ✨


Love. Squishy Love

New Moon In Pisces

New Moon In Pisces