New Moon in Virgo - 20th September

New Moon in Virgo - 20th September

New Moon in Virgo

When I think of Virgo, I think of the gentle, but firm, touch of a favourite womanly figure.

The grace of getting things done in an orderly fashion - one jigsaw piece at a time. Very well thought out and methodical. This may be far from what you are feeling right now with this New Moon, but it’s not supposed to be in the sense that you are taking on this energy - trust that this is what is happening for you behind the scenes. While you may be standing at a crossroad, with no idea whether to turn left or right, go up or down - trust. You don’t need to know right now. Start on one of the paths before you, with full knowledge in your heart that you can change direction AT ANY MOMENT you choose to. If you can walk forward and know that all the pieces are coming together with grace and ease in the background, then this time will be pleasantly abundant for you; in all terms of the word.

We so often forget that our existence is proof that we are enough. We were born into an unlimited universe and the only limits we have are of our own perception, from our own learned behaviours. If we could just take our hands off of the steering wheel for 5 minutes surrender into the flow of life to see where Virgo is wanting to take us, imagine how different life might be.

The truth is - at any given moment we can choose to change the path we are on, we can choose to change the way we feel about a certain situation and we can choose to change our minds.

This New Moon I ask that you spend at least five minutes with yourself. Close your eyes and focus on your breath, see if you can tune into the abundant flow of energy around you. Soft and gentle, but firm, love - when you get here you'll see that you are always on the right path - you might stray - but never too far from your truth, you’ll feel it when it changes.

Themes that keep coming up are Trust & Flow - but they feel so soft. You don’t need to push for these changes, this healing, the next step - just trust and let yourself be lead by the flow.


With only three months of 2017 left - think about what you might like to call for the last part of the year. This is a 1 year so the year has been based on new foundations and new beginnings. Set your intentions with this new moon and then trust, that for the highest and best good of all involved, you will flow to where you need to be.


I love you.


K xx

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