Love. Squishy Love

I had many blog posts I had written and saved for a time of a later date to post
and today, none of them felt right. They were all 'fuck this' and 'fuck that' and very abrupt. That's what I like about the way I write - I cut through the bullshit.

Today I feel called to be soft. Love feels so full and squishy around me and I feel so very called to share from that place.


These are the things I feel around me now.
Such tender kindness, loving support, only the best of intentions from all in my life.

It's something I feel new too, but something I am so happy to explore.

how are you my sweet loves? how are your hearts?

Can you find compassion for yourself, today, now, in this moment,
to know that maybe its not all that you want,
maybe you thought you'd be further along the process,
being more, doing more, seeing more

or maybe you too are basking in the sweet nectar of squishy love.

where ever you are today, i offer you these words from the angels

"May where you find yourself on this journey today be a reminder of the life that you live. This life is that of a series of choices and that means that you get to choose and continue to choose, always. Your path here is one blessed with compassion, with love, with trust and with connection. You were born into this world worth and deserving and you will always remain worthy and deserving. Close your eyes and feel the love and support around you now, from your angels, your guides, the loved ones that have passed - feel that love to the core of your being, let us in. You are always surrounded by love - we want you to remember that" 

And with that I will love and leave you.

I hope you are having a wonderful week.

Love and Blessings,

k xx


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