Let me help you live your life in harmony


What does it mean to live youR life on purpose?

Living your life on purpose means:

Taking responsibility for your life and where you are now

Showing up and doing the work where it is needed

Living your life on purpose feels like waking up inspired for what the day will bring

Making decisions with confidence and ease 

Following the goals of your soul, feeling in flow with all moments

It is a knowing that you will be able to handle anything that comes into your world, and do it all with grace


60min personal

First, we will identify the main area of focus for the appointment discussing any beliefs, challenges, or blocks that might be interfering with your ability to move forward with clarity and purpose and achiving your desired outcome.

Our next step will be a guided visualization where we will find/create a safe place where you feel safe, comfortable and free to speak openly about the issue, relationships, or concerns you want to change, or modify.

Then we will use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with a specific a tapping sequence to free up and change the energies in both your physical and emotional bodies which are not flowing smoothly in your life.

We close each appointment with another brief affirmative meditation restating your new belief or pattern of behaviour and a reminder of how to access this ‘safe place’ on your own.

Each appointment is complete within itself, although many clients feel that a ‘tune-up’ after a week to 10 days adds to the benefit.

intensive - 10 week program 

We begin by identifying the areas of your life that you most wish to focus on.

Our work will include intuitive/celestial guidance, identification of ways to achieve wholeness, and inner connection, removal or re-patterning of perceived limitations, with emphasis on developing the life that is best for you.

We will share ways to keep you on track, including guided visualizations, self-help tools, and regular assignments to move you toward your goals quickly.

We will begin each week by pulling an angel card.  This will give us a direction for the work we are about to do that day.
Each appointment is unique but is likely to include guided meditations, card spreads, tapping, emotional healing work of various kinds and regular steps toward clarity and reclaiming the life you really want.

Emotional healing work may include inner child work, forgiveness exercises, release programs, energy balancing, breath work, and/or repatterning negative or limiting ‘tapes’. 

Each appointment is designed to help you take steps be in the direction of achievement of your desired goal(s).

Ready to starting living your life on purpose again? 
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