Want to hear me talk?


Are you ready to be inspired?
Motivated to make change?
Need an extra dose of hope for your day?

That’s where I come in.

Passionate about creating lasting change, my mission is to provide real and true stories, tangible and easily accessible resources to help empower our youth, our tamariki and ourselves to emotional resilience and also asking for the help that we need. 

I can cater to what you need;
facilitating workshops to focus in on your core desired feelings to lead you in to your lives potential;
mindfulness and mediations to come back to your centre and work through overwhelm;
sharing my story of overcoming un desired circumstances and now living from a more in tune empowered place -

I trust that you will hear what you need in the most divine and perfect timing

Are you ready for me to come and work with you? Ready to hear me talk in your school, workplace or community group?
Let me know - kaitlyngooch@gmail.com