Welcome to this online space where I have the pleasure of sharing all the little tidbits that make up who I am.

At a glance,

I am Kaitlyn.

27 years young.

I live in a BEAUTIFUL coastal town in New Zealand.


I live for the moon and the stars,

the sand between my toes and the lull of the ocean.

Just as equally I live for the sunrise,

the morning chatter of the birds and the sunshine on my skin.

Earth underfoot and sunshine on my back I follow the path unpaved, unknown,
as it challenges me to grow and develop.

to step up and follow this ideal I have in life where I believe we should all have the chance to follow our dreams and live authentically, without the fear of what people will think and what people will say. to wake up every morning smiling just because we have been given this new day as our own, when so many aren't so lucky. blessed in the knowledge that each moment is another chance to begin again.

Here I share my art -

ART; having the confidence to show up because it means something to you, regardless of how other people will interpret it.


I share what pulls at my heart to create, for me, but with you today - because not everyone can articulate what they want to share and it is my hope that you do find something that resonates.


Love and Blessings,

K xx